Det. Terry video…

from the investigative files, Det. Terry with the Mount Holly police department, during their investigation, traces the paths that Ira traveled that morning around the campus area.

Ira at the Goodwill

Ira seen that morning, her last morning, giving away clothes at the Goodwill as the semester was ending. See something unusual? What’s missing?

turnaround island

could this 2007 historical satellite image hold the key to unlock the mystery of Ira’s footsteps near UNC that morning? the bank is off of Chancellors Place, and Town Center Plaza, where the coffee shop was, is directly across the street from the bank. University City Blvd divides them and has a “turnaround’ section in the middle of the road where one can travel direclty from the bank and make a left turn into the Plaza.

ira’s tracks to the river…

few things are more important than the crime scene area. this video shows images as they were coming out “over-the-wire”.