trekking to the crime scene…

23:39 | the fishing spot

37:45 | where Ira’s body was found lying

Dr. Godwin needs to see the crime scene first hand. Fedora’s lead producer “walks” him down to the river with this footage. Godwin’s eyes remain fixed on the video while he hardly makes a sound…what is he thinking…he’s devising the profile…of the killer…

tragic images

only images can convey the tragedy of that day; it is for this reason they’re shown to a jury.

Dr. Godwin reviews the images for different reasons; he’s looking for subtle details. he’s looking for behavior, the actions taken by the perpetrator at the crime scene. As the images are reviewed, there are possibly 72 different crime scene ‘actions’ that require tracking, according his ground-breaking work ‘Hunting Serial Predators’. he needs to know how the body was positioned, how it was clothed, unusual markings or abrasions, as well as many, many other details. Studying the images intently, the atmosphere within his office grows eerily quiet. only occasionally does he looks up – to ask questions or make observations… eventually a new profile starts to emerge, but how does it change when presented with these more detailed, tragic images…?


few things are more important than the crime scene area. this video shows images as they were coming out “over-the-wire”.