a growing southern metropolis, Charlotte is host to the prestigious University of North Carolina-Charlotte. It was here where Ira chose to embark on a promising collegiate career, only to have it cut tragically short after completing her second year…

campus & river area

Ira was last seen up by the campus area that morning; it was finals week and she was ready to begin anew, planning to transfer to UNC Chapel Hill at the beginning of the next semester. After being seen in the campus area that morning, jet skiers out for a day on the water discovered her lifeless bodies on the riverbanks across town in the “river area” identified above.

campus area

the campus area above identifies the locations that Ira was seen that morning. She was first seen on campus and travel next to the bank, but from there, the accounts conflicted as to whether she stopped at the goodwill or Jackson’s Java next… was this part of the detectives misinformation campaign – a strategy often used by police to be able to identify the suspect who can later reveal the true facts which could only be known by the real perpetrator?

Ira’s travel to river

As far as we know, Ira’s last stop up around the campus area that morning was either the Goodwill or Jackson’s Java. The red arrows highlight her travel-path to the river from either location.

river area 2008

Conflicting reports varied as to the exact location of where Ira’s body was found, as well as where the fisherman’s fishing spot was added to the fact that this area was remote and secluded.

The fisherman drove down Pearl Beatty drive as they drove to the river, but after entering the subdivision their exact path down to the river, initially, was not known ( see black arrows).

Ira exited I-85, taking hwy 273 until reaching YMCA drive at which point she makes a right heading towards the YMCA. Upon reaching the parking lot, she mysteriously makes an immediate u-turn and then drives towards the neighboring subdivision. from there her exact path to the river is unclear. (red arrows).

studying the river area can reveal clues. here you can see that the YMCA is right next to the subdivision. important topographical features of the land surrounding the area where Ira’s is body was found lying, as well as where the fishermen were, is revealed in image above…

river area archives

the river area is closely connected to the crime scene. we see the area under construction during the immediate time period before this tragedy. can the changing landscape provide insight into the profile of the perpetrator?